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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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if it becomes two difficult 40 in registering and i see and people being involved in the money pot craig's list i've all right said if it's too indemnify a techie will create an approach to be able to do this in the lines of being you know within the legislator leg loyalty in references to the permission in a sense being given by the city because of it's registration it comes down to the landlord and tenant i think the functioning aspect of this is below the surface of the knowing -
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cutting-edge it works flunl within the city i see that going on. >> thank you there were nelson and eric and katherine b i called bra they're not here okay then i'm going to call the excuse me. the last batch of cards that i have. (calling names) >> hello my name is paula i bought new condominium in the
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mission for the last 12 years due to financial hardship i rented a room in my home nobody was evicted this allows me to keep a roof over our heads when i saw the only option to sell and move away in fact, home sharing has helped my family i'm not financially scurry have to rely on the monthly income to stay here home sharing fits us you've heard about the benefits of home sharing for the community the local businesses and struggling families like my own one thing i think it is important to mention it's that by home sharing we're addressing a problem that providing
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affordable stacey space for travelers to stay not downtown you take the mission no or yes to hotels that accommodate the amount of visitors we receive we're cafe using the existing resources to accommodate this need i hope you will protect families like mine and support the fair home sharing in san francisco thank you. >> i'm sorry can you repeat our name, again. >> next speaker and hi, i'm sherry i live in district 9 i lived in san francisco and represents the extra room i have
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two major issues the 90 day cap and registry i adopt to go into the home sharing that's a helped me in san francisco i shouldn't have to okay. the voices that have come to the meeting regarding the issues the new economy as the united states deals with middle-income families and other issues i challenge i to look at what home sharing provides people are able to eat and clothes their children and pay the mortgage and maintain their homes to hire standards further home sharing allows for increases tourism it give them an opportunity to help with the economy and boosts small
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businesses in my neighborhood the grocery stores are utilized we my guests a 90 day cap is bad the cost of living is well above average it's important we rent our space wherever we see fit dave's ways we redescribed that money into the local economy and it's an invafg miss duis use of power we should be protecting people's right supervisors should consider it's not safe to register our personal information your pictures and identity for everyone so see and access. >> thank you very much. >> hi, i'm skate thanks for
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having me back i'm encouraged that supervisor david chiu is looking at regulating home sharing in the city and airbnb is paying the tax legal missing home sharing in san francisco we're close to approving the legislation it's important to look at the restrictions i'm discouraged its been decides two difficult to tell if someone lives in their home that's across the board time limit on hurrying i'm discouraged the time limit is still be considered i'm determined the city continues to shut down hosts like me awhile greedy
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landlord continue to ellis act in what should be affordable apartment building and homeowners are not the reason for that high hotel rates in unindirectly areas we not responsible for buildings that are ellis act and not converting affordable housing shock into short-term rentals please don't paint us with the same brush as bad folks help us to stay in the city without a cap on the 90 days it's good for homeland security and good for our neighborhoods and good for our city thank you very much for listening. >> thank you very much. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon. my name is a r is wlil la my husband and i are not hosts but when we traefld to europe and the united way kingdom we've looked to stay in a small bed-and-breakfast facility they provide a unique personal experience that can't be duplicate in my other way this memorial day phenomena of welcomed visitors to share our home it is allowed in every city and free country and should be allowed in san francisco america is after that a beacon of entrepreneurship and business expires they're trying to keep their homes and maintain dig if i did lifestyles many have been
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hit and hardships a restriction like a 90 day limit makes that that impossibility thank you very mu much. >> next speaker >> thank you. i'm daniel leary i live in twin peaks in an rh1 zone neighborhood myself and many of my neighbors i've spoken to are against allowing short-term rentals in the rh1 neighborhood people that bought there were counting on the privacy and the lack of congestion associated that that type of neighborhood i think what is the difference between an airbnb and an airbnb bed-and-breakfast a normal bed-and-breakfast why can't the same laws that are on the books
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the rules and regulations that apply to the anymore traditional bed-and-breakfast be included the airbnb unit why do we need legislation i guess that's more of a question than a statement i'd like that question addressed anyone want to address that? >> it's public comment so if you have comments please. that's all thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi my name is patricia i'm here supporting the home sharing i have here we collected 4 thousand signatures in the city of san francisco i live in outside of richmond district one
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2 hundred and 64 signatures i'm to give to supervisor mar. >> you can leave it right there. >> i've been housed in san francisco and opposed to limiting home sharing to 90 days the city needs to know how many days i'm to host when i'm in town, however, i don't agree with supervisor chiu's amendment to 0 list the days i, host i know once a year reporting should be enough the reason i've started doing home sharing is at one point my mom got sick and by
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the time she became sdarltd i took take care of her he had two full-time jobs but i had no support and the only. that could help me take care of my mom when she was in a wheelchair was home sharing that was the income that allowed me to take care of her when nothing is easy out there struggling for one person is difficult in the city now imagine how much the travel has helped me - >> thank you. i've now called all the cards is there any additional public comment open item 3 recommending to
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short-term rentals? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues item 3 is back in the hands of the board i imagine that president chiu will be running momently so if there's no comments why we should wait for a person to arrive oh, that's - the comments have ended supervisor kim has a followup question for the planning department about one of the for the planning department for one of the comments >> yes. my question is regarding the female speaker that spoke will the party house next door to her house didn't wasn't candidate on airbnb but on a hosting platform
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and mentioned it's been under investigation for a year and a half curling this practice is illegal and we're working to legalize it what's the challenges in enforcing against this activity why we haven't resolved it yet. >> thank you, chris tin hall the of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a the particular property was an telegraph hill we received a complaint there were rentals of less than thirty days we contracted the owner investor that lives out of the country the local property agent was hosting the property so to speak we actually had a slightly easier time identifying that prompt bylaw due to the loss number of listing on the site
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it's a challenge because the addresses are not listed on the website when we contacted the owner we found later that the listing that alone change e changed to modern thirty days we kept the complaint over to monitor it when we received other condominiums from folks in the neighborhood we found the listing converted to less than thirty days when we checked previously the listing was a changed too often 60 days that is compliant with our planning code at this point we contacted the local property agent and at this time we have just received last week some long time leases for the property we've not
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identified other additional questions perhaps. >> how do i think the current form of the legislation low make sure those investigations are not a year and a half long? >> well having a registry will go a long ways in identifying whether or not a person is legitimately offering a short term registry. >> what about the case you're talking about they're switching wlaert between thirty and 60 days how can we properly enforce against that. >> we would like to have information from the hosting platform recorded to us i'm sure you're aware of with hosting platforms their literally thousands and thousands of them dollars certainly not a
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executive it's like the airbnb and other hosting but multiple multiple sites we find there are sites that will market themselves to essentially other there will be a particular type of the traveler from a country and sites offered in various languages this is challenging because we will not necessarily know the address of the property we don't have any way to shift all of the hosting platforms. >> thank you and i apologize because this is a small piece of the legislation and there's several versions if we finally include having the hosting platform registration that they'll operator in the program and make sure you know there's going to encourage their
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users to use registration number we're not asking the platforms to - i guess having a list of registered hosting platforms that the planning department will understand is you don't understand i don't think we're not asking for information they'll participate in the legislation so all the other sites not on the list we know those liz are not legal we'll enforce against them. >> deputy city attorney the current version pending before the board is no the requirement on hosting platforms requirement. >> so i guessed i'll ask the authors or the author sorry. >> actually, if i could consist that i have circulated
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amendments on the part of hosts on the number of days their engaged in and another aspect you said that the hosting platforms are two things not reporting days. >> what? >> there's no registry for hosting platforms the registry is for the hosts the residents engaging in their activities with the owner unit no registry for the hosting platform. >> every host who is registered will have to take the registration number and attach it to the advertising on their site and. >> i think so it would be helpful to have the list of universal hosting agents to report to planning we don't have my question it didn't makes sense to have this request i imagine it's easier for the
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enforcement side if they know which vitals are coordinating so if we find one site they're not working with the city we can go after those sites not working with the city so that's just starting a conversation. >> okay. so colleagues i know that supervisor chiu has submitted all the times as described at the beginning and distributed those amendments in addition i've proposed two small amendments a tweak to one i'll read orally and supervisor cohen do you have an amendment as well i can't recall. >> yes. i know it's been a
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long day i believe the attorney is drafting that. >> we can do it as an oral. >> no, i've not been drafting but as a oral amendment the action you give us is sufficient to draft the language that's precise. >> supervisor wiener i can do that. >> so why not restate our oral amendments and doing to that one first. >> okay one minute. >> if you want we can defer it. >> why not take president chiu's proposed naements amendments first. >> thank you, everyone who is here at the moment and has been part of this is now the third major hearing on this matter and as well as everyone a that's been working with any office
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close to several years colleagues thank you for your patience and your amendments legislation always gets stronger through the public process as members of the public and the stakeholders and colleagues propose ways to strengthen it i've circulated a number of amendments that the planning department and dbi and the city of attorney's office have offend i want to highlight a couple of key amendments that address some of the concerns around enforcement first and foremost i have promoted language that requires the reporting of the number of days of short term stays to the planning department this is we've been going black and white how much to do this you i propose we do this once a year it be recorded every year on adjoin first, the number of days that are residential unit or portion has been represented
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as a short-term rental residential rental we have amendments to direct the planning department to receive any civil or administrative native penalties for out of spirit to be pro-active in the enforcement and not be stimuli any idea by a lack of resources and to address as we engage in this regulatory program will be clanks and improvements to make the protective language i've submitted will require annual reporting to the board of supervisors every year of the experience of the planning department had he their administration and enforcement of our program as well as recommendations regarding proposed amendments to chapter four 1 a to help address any diverse effects of short-term
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rentals as we learn what we're doing the current status quo is broken and i certainly building and hopefully colleagues you'll agree this is a legislation that addresses the situation a but in case this didn't get done make sure the departments have the regular opportunity to connect in with the board and it's far spoiler to a ballot approach we'll not be able to make the changes to regulate those if are they're passed at the ballot so colleagues, i hope i support those i know of supervisor cohen's amendments and supervisor wiener i'm supportive of the insurance and the departments have the research they need and addressing the life safety
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issues with the supervisor cohen noticeed. >> can you have a motion to adapt president chiu's duped amendment we'll take that without objection. okay. the amendments are adapted supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much the amendments especially i'm prototyping they post a notice inside their unit that details the location of fire extinguishers in the unit and including r where fire exits and he fire alarms. >> that's an oral amendment if adapted written by the city attorney's office i'll take that motion we'll take that without objection. go that motion is that amendment is adapted. >> thank you i have two amendments which i
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distributed the first is indicating win 6 months of the date of the ordinance after holding a dually nose with the planning commission the corral is see and the second one increasing the insurance required to $500,000 and specifically covering the both excuse me. the landlord and the other tenants there are is one tweak to the language which i distributed adding in the second to the last line after it says name the additional insurance and shall provide the coverage i have this in writing i'll give it to the clerk and city attorney i move we adapt those two amendments colleagues any objection to the
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amendments supervisor cowen and we'll take that without objection. those are adapted any additional amendments supervisor kim. >> the only other amendment i want to add within our code i wanted to explicitly make it clear the dignifies of the concluding 0 home sharing either state or local the rehab construction an amendment that i talked about with the city attorney's office and i know currently if you live in public housing or if you live in affordable housing your prohibited from subletting already so i know it is within our code but but purpose of putting it into the legislation is one the protective is pushed
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and publicized members of the public won't be confused we're also legalizing it for affordable housing unit that wouldn't be chained but merely for notice purposes doovpt marilyn if i ska can add a clarifying question you did mention when you first said affordable housing but housing for acquisitions i think you said rehab i want to clarify rehab you could be catching like and fema earthquake grant are you talking about housing designated as affordable housing. >> one hundred percent affordable this is not for
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affordable like under the mayor's office of housing and supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much supervisor kim so you're talking about section 8 voucher holders. >> yeah. it is already prohibit by federal law foyer public housing section 8 vouchers but in the legislation has been publicized and it's not legalized this activity i don't want confusion amongst tenants living in public housing n and are one hundred percent affordable housing we've not legalized it for them we're not changing the codes or realize it's more for notice and educational purposes than anything it's substantive. >> thank you so this is the motion city of attorney's office
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- >> actually i'm not sure supervisor kim can you be specific about the language. >> i might ask the city attorney to specify how that language will look. >> deputy city attorney marilyn as supervisor kim cascaded indicated the ordinance includes the general language that states this legislation will not legalize subletting for example, things like any program under our inclusionary program so to legislation will not legalize that as i understand you want to make the language clear that the money to be affordable from sfvl


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